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Marisa Berenson Natural Luxury Cosmetics presents... Fabulous Oil.

Her natural beauty and grace should be good enough for any of us ladies to want to try her line of products. If the younger generation is not familiar with her name, let me enlighten you.

Marisa is not only famous for her film work, but she is especially known for her highly elaborated philosophy of beauty. 

For Marisa, beauty is something that shines from the inside through the eyes, the skin, it is the way we cope with life difficulties, the way we share our energy with others.  

I recently tried Marisa's Fabulous Oil. An elixir which combines organic prickly pear oil (Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3 and 6, this supreme oil contains regenerative properties and helps to boost skin’s own natural repair process. The anti-aging, fast-penetrating dry oil protects against free radicals, intensely moisturizes and aids in calming inflammation. Add to this a cocktail of essential oils: Sandalwood, Geranium, Lavender which helpsbalance, soothe and restore skin, fighting against signs of aging. And vegetable oils: Jojoba, Camellia. Provides a potent antioxidant protection while softening and hydrating skin.

Use daily, morning and evening.

Price: 1 fl.oz for $100.00 

Marisa Berenson Filler in Life Style

Marisa Berenson's Filler in Life Style

Miracle in a Wand

Actress Marisa Berenson, a supermodel in the ‘70s, created this all-natural roller-ball filler to smooth facial lines and plump skin. Its secret? A concentrated form of hyaluronic acid and prickly pear extract. Tuck the elegant gold wand in your purse for quick touch-ups on the go.

Health & Wellness

Fabulous Oil in Health & Wellness

Simply Fabulous

Marisa Berenson's Fabulous Oil is a proprietary elixir combining organic prickly pear with other essential and vegetable oils. This ever-so-soothing oil penetrates penetrates quickly and deeply to help tone skin and restore firmness. You deserve a little pampering after a long winter.  

Vanity Fair

Fabulous Oil in

Fabulous oil, 3rd in Vanity Fair ranking!

Over-the-Counter Retinol : Some Powerfull Stuff :

Marisa Berenson's Fabulous Oil : Seriously fabulous and seriously can't-live-without! 

Marie Claire 2

Fabulous Oil in

Fabulous Oil, Best beauty product in 2016, a must have !

Okay so it technically launched last year, but we have an inkling that 2016 (the unofficial year of natural beauty) will be the year every dewy complexion is dripping in Marisa Berenson's Fabulous Oil. 

The ageless, bohoglam supermodel teamed up with a spa in Marrakech (naturally) to formulate the most luxurious of daily face oils, marrying antioxidantrich prickly pear oil with a slew of other glorious, antiaging essential/vegetable oils and capping the luxe elixir in a retro gold bottle begging for real estate on Dita Von Teese's Vanity.

Vogue Gift Marisa Berenson

Marisa’s Luminous Water in Vogue US Christmas gifts guide

The Season’s Most Colorful Beauty Gifts—Wrapping Paper Not Required

As we narrow down our gift lists for the season, we can’t help but notice that when it comes to the best beauty offerings, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. This year, our favorite giftable bath elixirs, makeup brushes, and skin tonics arrive in exuberant packages that render wrapping paper nearly obsolete, with vividly pigmented husks ranging from scintillating gold to moody noir to the brightest cobalt blue.

By Calin Van Paris

Vanity Fair Marisa Berenson

Marisa Berenson is Sublime... Still!

Recently, I had the pleasure of finally meeting one of my idols, Marisa Berenson

Recently, I had the pleasure of finally meeting one of my idols, Marisa Berenson, the ultimate beauty—a model and actress of the 70s who was a muse to countless photographers and fashion designers. Now 68, she still looks as magnificent as ever.

Berenson was in town (N.Y.C.) to celebrate her new book—an album—on her grandmother Elsa Schiaparelli, aptly titled Elsa Schiaparelli's Private Album at the Sofitel’s Rendez-Vous lounge with one of her long-standing pals, the tour de force Diane Von Furstenberg.



Aside from that, she wanted to spread the news of her new sublime skin-care line, Marisa Berenson Natural Luxury Cosmetics, as she’s finally decided to share her very own beauty secrets—it is not to be missed. Launching now, exclusively at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, it’s a very luxurious line, developed by a doctor of holistic studies that Berenson has seen for the past 41 years. The products were created and put together with Berenson’s personal point of view on life’s beauty and her wellness philosophy in mind—call it a foundation which draws from only natural, pure, and powerfully spirited ingredients.


First up, the Fabulous Oil, because, well, it’s simply fabulous! It’s a beautiful blend of prickly-pear oil, a star ingredient from Morocco, along with jojoba, camellia, and essential oils, and it is to die for. The results will be astonishing in a matter of days. From experience, my skin felt stronger, firmer, and hydrated without any greasy feeling, because it penetrates smoothly with a touch of aromatherapy, to boot. I honestly cannot brag enough about this product! Then there’s the Intense Day Cream, Eye Contour, Red Clay Mask, and other beauty potions that would be just as effective when used in tandem.

According to Berenson, this is a face ritual that she’s been practicing for years, and it shows on her face, body, and mind, beautifully. I ask where her home is, and she tells me that she divides her time between Paris and Marrakech, and when at the latter she is building a spa and hammam in her own home—amazing! It’s to be finished by this spring, so more to come on that later.

In the meantime, channel her beauty inside and out through with these golden jars and bottles of elixirs, as they are effective and Zen-like—the pure spirit of Berenson, really, as if she’d bottled them herself.


Vogue - This is what 68 looks like

Marisa Berenson on the Secrets Behind Her New Cult Skincare Line

On this particular afternoon, however, Berenson has opened the doors of her Paris home to Vogue in celebration of a brand-new adventure: the arrival of her glamorous self-titled skincare line in the United States.

It all started two years ago, she recalls, around the time she met Jean-Michel Simonian, the luxury developer behind the La Mamounia spa in Marrakech.  Not long after, the pair began collaborating on the new spa at the Marrakech Sofitel, for which Berenson designed the “Venetian Andalusian” decor, and, eventually, began working on a range of powerful serums, scrubs, and creams to be used in its storied treatment rooms. One cocktail in particular, the moisturizing and regenerating Huile Fabuleuse, became the keystone of the antiaging range: Fueled by the antioxidant- rich seeds from an organic, sustainable desert fruit known as prickly pear, which thrives in even the harshest desert climates, Berenson has produced it in small quantities and used for years.


The ingredient is now at the heart of all fifteen of her products, an undertaking that’s not without its challenges. The regenerative extract is so difficult to produce, says Berenson, only one company in France has the capacity to do it to organic standards, and one ton of seeds is required to yield a liter of extract.

Arriving in heavy, bright gold bottles and featuring lush unprocessed natural scents, the line certainly feels like the perfect merger of her opulent gypset style and commitment to holistic living. In fact, she admits, it has been incubating for nearly 40 years, starting with a journey to India for Vogue, at age 18, with photographer Arnaud de Rosnay. On that trip she wound up in an ashram alongside the Beatles and the Beach Boys, which became the point of departure for a lifelong spiritual journey built on meditation, clean eating, and customized herbal formulas prescribed by the same French naturopath she still visits to this day.

“Ever since I was very young, I was always looking for a spiritual path,” she says, toying with one of four serpent rings she is wearing for the day’s shoot. Snakes are one of Berenson’s favorite talismans—“they shed their old skin” she says with a knowing smile—along with butterflies. “Back then, I was a bit ahead of my time,” recalls the actress, who at 68 and dressed in vintage Galliano, still has the enviable figure of her modeling days. “But I knew it wasn’t enough to have a nice physique, so I chose to work from the inside as well. What you eat and how you treat yourself is really important. The aging part is unavoidable, but there’s beauty at every age.”

Asked to run through her daily skincare routine, which combines Chinese massage techniques with other secrets gathered over the years, she gamely obliges: There’s a gentle face scrub in the morning shower, followed by her Luminous toning water, Sublime serum, and one hundred brisk strokes of the hand moving toward each cheekbone. Then come the face cream, Eue Contour, and a few passes of her “magic wand” (a slim gold vial known as ‘the Filler’ that dispenses a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid and prickly pear extract over problem areas), finished by a little makeup. Ten minutes tops, all told, says Berenson, plus a few drops of Huile Fabuleuse at night and whenever she travels, and at least two red-clay masks per week.

After the day’s shoot wraps, Berenson resettles in the living room, her bare feet tucked beneath her. She wears little makeup beyond mascara and eyeliner; her skin actually appears translucent. To the obvious, inevitable question, the response is a spontaneous laugh: “No work!” she says. Then, quickly, “Not that I judge. I’ve just always chosen the natural way because that is what made me feel good, and that’s how I wanted to evolve.” Ultimately, says Berenson, this next chapter is about helping other women feel beautiful. “My products are just one way of putting a bit of light and love in the world the best way I know how.”

by Tina Isaac-Goizé

Style Caster

Style Caster

You know when you read about someone...

You know when you read about someone (like, say, Diana Vreeland or Diane von Fürstenberg) and think to yourself, “Wow, what a life“? Marisa Berenson is one of those people.
Born in 1947 to a family that included not just iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, her maternal grandmother, but also aristocrats, psychics, artists, astronomers, and generally fascinating people, Berenson was one of the highest-paid models by the early ’60s and a Vogue cover girl by 1970. She was a regular in the magazine from then on, but she was just as well-known in the New York City social scene. Yves Saint Laurent called her “the girl of the ’70s.” Andy Warhol photographed her wedding. She spent time in an ashram in India with The Beatles.
And now, at 68, she’s added her very own eponymous skin care line to her coolness résumé. Talk about a woman of many talents.
The extract is rich in antioxidant vitamin E and nourishing omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids, and while the skin-renewing properties are especially wonderful for dry, mature skin, the nongreasy feel makes it appropriate for all complexions. The multitasking Fabulous Oil is especially lovely: a gorgeously scented, lightweight blend of calming, regenerating oils that addresses everything from dryness to fine lines.
For what it’s worth, Marisa’s skin is luminous, a true testament to the efficacy of the all-natural, holistic treatments she herself uses. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was 18,” she said of creating her very own skin care collection available to the public. She thought that now was the perfect time: “There’s been a change in the way people see beauty,” she says. “There’s now a want for that 100 percent natural approach.”

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